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2017 Wedding Ring Trends


2017 Wedding Ring Trends

Top 2017 Wedding Ring Trends

There are a wealth of influences affecting the world of bridal jewelry in 2017, especially when it comes to the top 2017 wedding ring trends.  Some are in response to 2016’s trends in engagement ring settings, while others are beautiful departures from the expected.  Here are the top 2017 wedding ring trends to watch:

2017 Wedding Ring Trends #1: Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Over the past few years we have seen a resurgence in rose gold, from jewelry to fashion, it’s everywhere!  The metal’s warm color and romantic vintage appeal make it an excellent choice for brides who want both originality and tradition in their rings.  Plus, it looks amazing paired with both yellow and white gold.

2017 Wedding Ring Trends #2: Vintage Wedding Bands

In 2016 we saw a continued interest in vintage engagement rings, from authentic antique settings to reproduction rings that look and feel like the real thing.  It only makes sense that 2017 will need to respond with complimentary rings.

2017 Wedding Ring Trends #3: Stackable Wedding Bands

You know a trend has made a significant impact on the jewelry world when it become a bridal trend.  Why?  It’s simple, accessories are temporary but fine jewelry is forever.  For brides to commit to a style for the rest of their life proves it’s a look that is here to stay.

2017 Wedding Ring Trends #4: Wedding Bands With Individuality

While there will always be a call for the classics, today’s couples are keeping an open mind when it comes to engagement rings, making gemstone rings, diamond cluster rings, and cocktail rings equal players in the world of engagement rings.  Therefore, unique wedding bands must follow suit to compliment these unique looks.

2017 Wedding Ring Trends #5: Ring Guards

One of the most dramatic shifts in the bridal world is the popularity of ring guards, essentially two wedding bands framing the engagement ring.  From traditional ring guards to repurposing straight bands, this has been a major shift in the world of bridal jewelry.  As an added bonus, framing the engagement ring with two bands adds protection to the setting, making it beautiful and beneficial.

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