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Family Photo: Christine’s Heirloom Antique Diamond Engagement Ring



Christine’s Story:Grandma and Grandpa


“Today I bought a magnifying glass I had been wanting it because I can’t see well. I work in accessories with jewelry and really felt this would help me at work. I took it home and of course first thing I did was look into the band of my near 90 year old heirloom engagement ring of my grandmothers that I have been wearing for almost 27 years. My mother wore it before me. 18K JABEL was so crystal clear it shocked me and I came to the internet immediately. This is a sweet moment. It needs work and I have never wanted to take or leave at any. It is gorgeous and in incredibly beautiful condition. I love it with all my heart!! My grandparents were married in 1918 in Revere, outside of Boston.”






Jabel’s History:

Christine's Heirloom Diamond Ring

Christine’s antique diamond engagement is a true heirloom. Our historian was unable to document the exact date because our early records were incomplete and not all styles had reference images.  We can confirm as Christine noted that the original ring had a fancy diamond setting which she modified into a solitaire setting.


Image(s): Compliments of Christine

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