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Rustic Weddings (Without Mason Jars, Burlap, and Lace Wrapped Everything)

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Unique Rustic Wedding Ideas

Some have said it couldn’t be done, but after some creative searching we found plenty of brilliant wedding vendors who are creating vintage wedding looks without resorting to the expected (although adorable) mason jar, burlap, or lace-tied-everything-decorations!  Enjoy our collection of alternative and unique rustic wedding ideas.”

#1 Fallen Star Couture Inc creates these beautiful wooden boxes and leafs.  Your guests can fill your box with special notes and wishes written on the leafs of your ‘family tree.’

#2 Riverwood Mansion created this romantic tablescape with elegant floral arrangements juxtaposed against a distressed white washed table top.  Its chic rustic!

#3 Project Wedding is a fun DIY wedding project website that featured these unique rustic aisle decorations for your ceremony.  You can easily customize this project to match your wedding colors by selecting ribbon(s) and contrasting paper in your color scheme.

#4 Yolan Cris designed this amazing rustic-chic wedding gown. The drapery, cut, and fabrication transform this classic high-low silhouette into a dynamic, elegant, fun, and totally unexpected gown.

#5 Jabel‘s green and pink gold rose wedding band is a show stopper!  The rustic rose elements will forever remind you of your special day.

#6 Tiny Pie out of Austin, Texas creates amazing mini-pies. They are perfect for a rustic wedding looking for a traditional wedding cake alternative.  And, if you are alright with a few mason jars, you need to check out the wealth of pie options they offer. Delicious and delightful!  After all, who doesn’t love pie?!?

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