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Mixed Metal Rings: Wearing Yellow and White Gold Together Is OK


mixed metal rings, wearing yellow and white gold

Leave it to the fashion industry to turn a faux pas into a style essential.  The industry now embraces yellow gold and white gold together.  Yes, this big jewelry no-no is now a must-have accessory and will bring you respect from even the most finicky fashionista.  However, the trend goes beyond just yellow and white gold, it encompasses all the colors, including green and pink gold.  Forget about matching your jewelry together and just have fun. Mixed metal jewelry is in!  Here are some mixed metal rings looks for you:

yellow and white gold, mixed metal rings, stackable rings

Mixed Metal Look 1: Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are at the height of popularity, embraced by celebrities, brides, and jewelry designers.  Stackable rings can be purchased in any number or gold colors, with or without stones, as plain bands or textured bands (pictured above), etc.

yellow and white gold, mixed metal rings, pink gold rings

Mixed Metal Look 2: Green and Pink Gold Jewelry

Pink and green gold jewelry has been in and out of fashion over the past decades.  However, with the rise in popularity of pink gold, this eclectic vintage look is reaching a new level of popularity.  We love this heirloom quality ornate pink and green gold die struck ring.

yellow and white gold, mixed metal rings, two tone rings

Mixed Metal Look 3: Classic Two Tone Jewelry

Classic two tone jewelry is a mix of yellow and white gold.  The style came out of necessity on yellow gold engagement rings where it was imperative to prevent the stone from reflecting the color of the gold.  This was done by setting the diamond in a white gold head.  If the diamond was directly set in yellow gold the reflection would alter the color of the diamond making it less desirable.  However, today two tone jewelry is simply a desirable look in an of itself.

yellow and white gold, mixed metal rings, pink gold rings

Mixed Metal Look 4: Pink and White Gold Jewelry

Pink and white gold jewelry is a fresh twist on two tone jewelry. It combines the sophisticated contrast of white gold and another colored gold while also embracing the romance and femininity of pink gold jewelry.  This is a great look for everyday rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings.

yellow and white gold, mixed metal rings, plain gold wedding bands

Mixed Metal Look 5: Mixed Metal Wedding Sets

One of the most exciting areas of jewelry that we have seen embrace the mixed metal look is the bridal industry.   The freedom it offers gives couples boundless options for rings.  We love this bride Kimiko’s wedding set featuring a yellow gold engagement ring with a white gold setting, a pink plain gold wedding band, and a white gold diamond eternity band.  Wow!  

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