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Carved Jewelry A 7 Step American Made Treasure

pink and green gold engagement rings

Carved jewelry is a unique three dimensional jewelry making process that combines two rare techniques; die striking and hand engraving.  Most commonly produced in Jabel’s signature pink and green gold, carved jewelry includes wedding bands, diamond mountings, bracelets, earrings, and crosses.

pink and green gold wedding bands

The Process

The process of making these unique engagement rings, wedding bands, etc. begins by carefully alloying the metals that will be used in the die striking process.  However, unlike traditional die struck jewelry the pieces created undergo a series of additional strikes.  Here is the process in detail:


Step 1: Initial Die Striking

The pink gold is struck in relief.

Step 2: Initial Jewelers Work

A jeweler then solders the die struck green gold leaves onto the recessed areas of pink.

Step 3: Second Die Striking

When complete, the piece is returned for a second striking which compresses the green down into the pink so there are no visible solder seams.

Step 4: Second Jewelers Work

For rings and bangle bracelets, after compressing the metal, it goes back to the jeweler where the band is carefully rounded up making a perfect circle.  The joint is then skillfully soldered to prevent unsightly seams.

Step 5: First Polishing

The next step is polishing the outside of the jewelry for the engraver.

Step 6:  Hand Engraving

The hand engraver carefully adds texture giving the design a three dimensional effect.

Step 7: Final Polishing

The piece is returned to the polisher for a final cleaning and polishing.  The polishers will also stamp the trademark and karat.

pink and green gold bracelets

Customize Your Jewelry

One of the best aspects of Jabel’s collection of carved pink and green gold jewelry is that it can be customized!  The most popular customization is adding a diamond(s) to the center of Jabel’s signature dogwood or rose design. This is an excellent way to remount family heirloom diamonds or just add some extra sparkle to your jewelry.

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