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Pink Gold Solitaire Flower Engagement Ring


This stunning solitaire flower engagement ring is a beautiful example of Jabel’s pink and green gold carved collection and is a wider version of the 3119.  It is embellished with bold rose blossoms in 14KT rose gold, and intricate leafs in 14KT green gold.   The details are individually die struck, hand assembled, and carefully engraved through Jabel’s signature Carved process.  It measures approximately 5MM wide and 2.2MM high and is has a near identical matching wedding band, W943.  It is shown here with a Jabel’s famous JS head, though the setting can be customized to fit a variety of diamond shapes and sizes including 4 and 6 prong settings.  You can also discuss unique modifications to this ring, such as burnishing diamonds in the center of the blossoms.  Email us to explore this gorgeous solitaire flower engagement ring INFO@JABEL.COM


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