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Pink and Green Gold Engagement Ring Settings


From our collection of vintage engagement rings, this stunning 14KT pink and green gold carved classic solitaire engagement ring setting is made through a lengthy process of die striking and hand engraving to create the relief rose and leaf pattern.  While rose gold engagement ring settings, like this one, are traditionally set with a 4 prong head (pictured as 1/2CT round brilliant center diamond) any number of settings can be used in its place for any shape/size center stone.  A number of additional styles pair beautifully with this style including its wedding bands, CW965 as well as other jewelry styles: E151, P308, C112, C114, C116, FB107, FB110, B106.   All our engagement ring settings can be made in a variety of precious metals including 14KT yellow, green, and rose gold, 18KT yellow and white gold, and platinum.

5 reviews for 3119JSN

  1. 5 out of 5

    My mother and father bought this ring for their wedding 31 years ago and now it has passed on to me for my own. A truly beautiful and timeless piece. I hope to pass it down someday myself to the next generation. Thank you for such beautiful jewelry.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I have loved this pink and green carved rose wedding set since I was a little girl starring into the jewelry store window every chance I got. Dreaming of it being mine one day when I married. 44 yrs later it is on my finger as beautiful as ever! A definite dream come true.

  3. 5 out of 5

    I found my Jabel carved rose rings in the rose and green gold 35 years ago, I still love them just as much today as the day I spotted them. Anyone who knows me says these rings were made for me and I agree!! When I bought them I was told they came with a lifetime guarantee if I should ever need a new size, well that time came when I had twins and I had to have them made larger, I called around to other jewelers since the place I had bought my rings from had closed ( didn’t have the blessing of computers to search on) much to my dismay I had to widen them and now have the little spacer of gold on the back with no carved roses : ( I still love my set but when it turns I see that space, so I did a search tonight to see if I could find my bands and low and behold found them. So glad you are still making them and maybe someday I can replace and get new ones. Do you still offer the guarantee? Thank you so much for making these lovely vintage pieces that I have been able to enjoy for so many years!

  4. 5 out of 5

    I was 16 when my husband 19 went into Philadelphia and put this ring on lay away, he asked my parents if he could marry me, needless to say they said no, being that I was only 16! He persevered and asked again a few years later, we have now been married 35 years and I still adore my ring and him, both timeless and beautiful!

  5. 5 out of 5

    I am looking for a price on the 3 mil and 5 mil ladies rose gold band. I believe I’m a size 6. I was married almost 31 years ago with this ring but later found my mothers engagement ring and had the diamond set onto my band. I love it but I want another band to go with it to make a set. How much will it be? The originally jeweler has gone out of business. CW965PG-1000 Thank you… Sincerely

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