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Top 5 Jabel Engagement Ring Trends of 2018

Jabel_Top Engagement Rings_2018

As we approach engagement ring season (AKA The Holidays) we find a beautiful and diverse collection of mounting designs in our top selling engagement rings.  These designs include everything from classic solitaire engagement rings to opulent diamond encrusted halo settings.  Therefor, there is truly a design for everyone! Let’s take a closer look at each of these top engagement ring trends of 2018:

Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2018 #1:

Vintage Style Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings

This elegant vintage style engagement ring is adorned with a decorative scroll and millgrain design tapering down the band.  It also has intricate fishtail prongs and an open decorative open gallery.  Beside the fact that this is a beautiful design, it also has a variety of matching wedding bands.  These wedding bands include curved wedding bands as well as stackable bands in yellow, white, or rose gold.

Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2018 #2:

Opulent Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Settings

This opulent design is adorned with diamonds.  Beside it’s halo of diamonds the stones and cascade down the band.  What is most important about this ring is its optical illusion.  Look closely, that is a round center stone and not a cushion cut stone.  Round diamonds tend to be far more affordable than fancy cut cushions, therefore this illusion setting allows you put an affordable round stone in the setting while keeping the look of a cushion setting.

Jabel Solitaire Engagement Ring

Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2018 #3:

Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring  Settings

In our top 5 designs you will find two die struck engagement rings.  This engagement ring offers a straight band that has consistent width around the band.  What is most important about this design is that it allows for you to easily pair almost any straight wedding band with it.  Therefore, you can pair a ring that will fit flush against it for a well matched look.

Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2018 #4:

Gooseneck Style Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings

The other classic solitaire in our top 5 rings is this gooseneck solitaire.  What is most important about this ring design is that the shoulders of the ring’s band taper in both directions, towards the setting and as it narrows around the band. This tapering is important because it pulls the eye into the center stone creating drama.

Top Engagement Ring Trends of 2018 #5:

Pink and Green Gold Carved Engagement Ring Settings

One of Jabel’s most unique collections is our carved collection, featuring rose gold roses and green gold leafs.  This unique design is created by individually striking each rose and leaf element.  The pieces are then soldered together and restruck to seal the solder points.  Finally, hand engraved details are added to enhance the ring’s three dimensional qualities.  Whats great about this design is that it also has a stunning matching wedding band with the same pink rose and green leaf design.

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