9 Unique Wedding Bands For Your Classic Solitaire

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding band, there is no right or wrong band. In fact, today you can pair unique wedding bands such as matching wedding bands, contrasting wedding bands, or non-traditional wedding bands with any engagement ring to show off your unique style! This includes pairing wedding bands with classic solitaire settings. Therefore, by exploring texture, color, styling, and bold looks you can find your own unique style.Here are a few unique wedding bands that can add contrast, drama, and excitement to your solitaire engagement ring:

Unique Wedding Bands #1:

Playful Ring Guards

Style SW2333

Ring guards are bands that are worn both above and below a center ring, in this case an engagement ring. While any straight band can be worn in a pair as a ring guard, these Jabel bands are specifically designed to pair together as ring guards and sit flush against a straight ring. Most importantly, ring guards add a fashion forward look to your wedding because of the surge in popularity of wearing two wedding bands. In this design, Jabel uses a simple milgrain (aka beaded edge) design to add a vintage touch to the design. The bands are available in 14KT yellow, white, and rose gold, 18KT yellow or white gold, and platinum.

Unique Wedding Bands #2:

Playful Diamond Band

Style SW2350

Modern wedding bands like this are an easy way to add fun and whimsy to your solitaire engagement ring because they use diamonds in an unexpected type of setting. You can go one step further by juxtaposing metal colors and textures. Most importantly, remember that you need to be true to your style, therefore, you need to go as bold an playful or a chic and subtle as you are comfortable with.

Unique Wedding Bands #3:

Gemstone Bands

Style AW1001 SA/DIA

Gemstone wedding bands are growing in popularity not only because they add a beautiful touch of color to your wedding set, but they can also be both symbolic and budget friendly. Sapphires for example represent truth, faithfulness, and sincerity while ruby represents love and passion, and they do so at a cost much more affordable than all diamonds. Another fun use of gemstones in a wedding band is to select a stone that represents a special moment to you, perhaps use the birthstone of associated with the month you first met your fiance or for the day of your wedding.

Unique Wedding Bands #4:

Floral Wedding Bands

Style CW4294

Since flowers are one of the most romantic elements of a wedding, why not incorporate them into your wedding band? After all, a flower garland wedding band is a bouquet that will never wilt or fade away. Beside an all yellow, white, or rose gold band, try a mixing your metals for a pink and green gold look,the effect will have a greater sense of realism.

Unique Wedding Bands #5:

Vintage Stackable

Style SW1948

These gorgeous vintage style stackable wedding bands have both a milgrain edge and an ornate scrolling pattern. By pairing one of these bands with your traditional solitaire, your wedding set will have a chic fashion forward look. Plus, stackable wedding bands make future gifting easy, simply add another ring from the set in celebration of anniversaries or milestone events, such as the birth of a child.

Unique Wedding Bands #6:

Antique Style Wedding Band

Style 1663PG

Looking to add a vintage feel to your wedding set? Here are a few easy ways to do it. First, rose gold is retro metal with a feminine and elegant look. Second, milgraining is a popular design element used on antique and vintage jewelry. Third, marquis design elements are also a retro design element and are growing in popularity. Try any combination of these looks to find your perfect vintage style wedding band.

Unique Wedding Bands #7:

Bold Diamond Wedding Bands

Style 1658W

Another way to bring out the wow-factor in a wedding set with a classic solitaire is to go big and bold! This classic diamond eternity band is a available in a variety of carat sizes, allowing you to go as bold (or subtle) as you want. However, if you want to play up the 'unique-factor' order the eternity band in a contrasting metal color such as yellow or rose gold.

Unique Wedding Bands #8:

Luxury Stackable Eternity Band

Style 1693

Play with shape, texture, and enjoy a bold look when you pair a chic luxury eternity band like this with a traditional classic solitaire. The look will be big, bold, and beautiful! Plus, with stackable bands, future gift giving is stress free, just add another band till you have all three metal colors.

Unique Wedding Bands #9:

Braided Diamond Band

Style 1617

This braided diamond band is a beautiful example of the unique wedding bands that are available to brides today.Designs like this are both creative but simple and luxurious but understated. By pairing a classic solitaire with a nontraditional wedding band like this adds a luxury element to the ensemble.

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