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We invite you to explore the timeless quality of Jabel, under the new leadership of David Connolly.

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The Beginning Years

In 1916, young stone setter, J.J. Abelson, opened the Jabel Ring Manufacturing Company in Newark, New Jersey.

He had a vision to improve die strike jewelry, a popular method of jewelry making in the early 1900’s. J.J. believed that he could engineer better dies that would eliminate excessive solder points and focus on solid versus hollow jewelry. The improved quality was a hit with jewelry stores who appreciated having their store known for better quality jewelry with shoppers in the area.

Jabel Ring Manufacturing Building from 1916
Joining the Family Business

Eventually J.J.'s daughter, June, joined the business.

Her passion for promoting the benefits of die struck jewelry allowed the company to combat the rising popularity of casting, a cost-efficient method of jewelry making. Even after June’s passing, she was remembered fondly by many jewelers for her little box of demonstration dies that she carried with her everywhere. Not only was June a champion for die struck jewelry, but she was an avid supporter of women in the jewelry industry. An early member of the Women’s Jewelers Association (WJA), June believed in the power of women in the industry.

David Connolly Begins His Collection

The David Connolly collection began its journey in 1984 when David and his wife Nora fell in love with Colombia’s rich deposits of emeralds.

Today, these two diverse jewelry collections are now crafted with care in David’s boutique style jewelry studios. Equal care, quality, and craftsmanship is dedicated to every piece of jewelry, from a simple pair of Amethyst birthstone studs to an elaborate, hand-engraved engagement ring set with brilliant diamonds.

David Connolly on a street corner
Jabel + David Connolly

After June’s passing, Jabel fell on hard times. By 2007, it was on the verge of bankruptcy.

David Connolly, a longtime admirer of Jabel, recognized its historic significance and quickly stepped in. By late summer, Jabel was back in operations and began rebuilding its network of independent fine jewelers.

Today, Jabel is the exact same company it was in 1916; quality without compromise was, is, and always will be the Jabel way.

We invite you to explore the timeless quality of Jabel, under the new leadership of David Connolly.

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