Jabel Collection

by David Connolly
What is the JABEL collection?

Quality without Compromise

Jabel is a collection of heirloom quality jewelry designs that have been exquisitely crafted for over 100 years. The motto has always been ‘Quality without Compromise’.

The Jabel method is the perfect marriage of American ingenuity and art.

Meticulously engineered tools and dies produce exceptionally strong jewelry that is then adorned with old-world craftsmanship including hand engraving and rolled vintage patterns. Designs are often set with brilliant diamonds and richly colored gemstones.

While Jabel is most known for its breathtaking bridal collection of engagement rings and wedding bands, the full line includes luxurious bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and rings.

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Bridal Collection

Crafted in gold and set with brilliant diamonds, David’s bridal collections will forever mark this special moment in life.

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Jabel Die Struck Jewelry

Jabel’s American-made, heirloom-quality jewelry is the culmination of over 100 years of engineering, artistry, and craftsmanship. Every piece of jewelry that bears the Jabel name is intentionally crafted using a variety of tried and true techniques, such as die striking, hand engraving, and carving.

The expansive collection includes die struck jewelry and engagement ring sets, two-tone sculpted floral jewelry, hand engraved jewelry, concept bracelets and necklaces, timeless couples rings, as well as classic pendants, earrings, and rings.

The Jabel collection first began in 1916 by J.J. Abelson in Newark, NJ. He revolutionized the die struck process, which was common at the time, by striking his ring shanks in solid pieces, thus eliminating solder points that were prone to weakness and breaking. It was this revolutionary method that reengineered the die struck jewelry industry, leaving Jabel as one of the few die struck jewelry lines still in production today. Over the years, Jabel was passed through Mr. Abelson’s family. However, David Connolly, a respected American fine jewelry manufacturer, acquired the collection in 2007 with the hopes of keeping it alive for generations to come.

Die Struck Engagement Rings

Each of Jabel’s die struck engagement rings and fine jewelry pieces are crafted through an extensive series of steps. First, strict parameters must be met when blending the metals to ensure that the Jabel alloys are durable, strong, and have exceptional and consistent color.  These metals include 14KT yellow, white, and rose gold; and 18KT yellow and white gold; and platinum. The precious metal is formed into bars and carefully processed through a roller with alternating furnace heatings, which keep the metal malleable and strong. When the required thickness is achieved, the metal moves on to the machining process, where an immense amount of pressure is applied to the tool and die presses, cutting and forming the metal into the desired shape.

A jeweler then assembles the ring’s components and passes it along to the finishing department, where hand engravings may be applied. Finally, expert diamond and gemstone setters and jewelry polishers complete the ring. Throughout the process, every Jabel craftsperson inspects the design to ensure the highest level of quality is achieved.

Equal attention is also given to the selection of diamonds and gemstones used in Jabel’s jewelry. All diamonds and colored gemstones are hand selected and must fit within tight parameters, including exceptional color, cut, clarity, and ideal carat size. The stones are purchased through trusted Kimberley Process compliant diamond dealers, as well as color gemstone dealers that Jabel’s owner, David Connolly, has sought out over the decades for their ethical dependability and superior selection.

The most notable Jabel jewelry pieces are those within our bridal collection. These pieces bring together Jabel’s time-honored craftsmanship with an appreciation of the design principle of classic jewelry. Equal attention is afforded to every piece of jabel jewelry, from solitaire die struck engagement rings to intricate mountings that echo the romance of vintage jewelry. Each design is offered in a variety of metals, including 14KT yellow, white, and rose gold; 18KT yellow and white gold; and platinum, to give you the most control over your design’s exact specifications.

In many ways, Jabel offers a “build your own” engagement ring experience. The wide assortment of rings and settings, paired with a broad array of metal colors, gives couples the freedom to craft an engagement ring to their exact specifications. From our Angel Thin solitaire settings to vintage style die struck engagement rings, there is a ring for everyone. 

Die Struck Wedding Bands

Jabel’s wedding band collection also offers an elaborate assortment of both gold and diamond band designs. The versatility of the collection simplifies the process of finding the perfect matching wedding band and provides unique pairings for couples rings. The collection offers floral wedding bands, hand engraved bands, eternity diamond bands, and simple gold comfort fit rings.

Some of our most luxurious Jabel designs offer hand engraving. The dense die struck metal is exceptionally strong and provides the perfect canvas for this lost art. With simple rudimentary tools—such as a graver and a swivel block—intricate milgrain, floral, and wheat patterns are engraved on a variety of our jewelry pieces, including engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, and omega necklace slides. These carving techniques produce crisp edges that are noticeably more precise than mainstream jewelry adornments.

Die Struck Jewelry

Jabel’s renowned carved collection melds 14KT pink and green die struck gold with hand-engraved details. The result forms three-dimensional rose and leaf garlands that are used to create gold and diamond bands, bangles and straight bracelets, hoop and post earrings, and cross pendants. These romantic, heirloom-quality floral designs have been a treasured collection for decades.

The engineering involved in the creation of every die is most evident in Jabel’s signature domed diamond cluster jewelry. Unlike most flat diamond cluster settings, these fine jewelry designs nestle the diamonds closely together to allow for an increased amount of light to pass through the stones, thus enhancing the stone’s brilliance. The collection includes diamond cluster pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Aside from Jabel’s versatility, engineering, artistry, and heirloom quality, you will find a commitment to the American jewelry industry. Jabel has been a cornerstone of the jewelry industry for over 100 years, employing local craftspeople, stone buyers, and customer service representatives who share a passion for exquisite jewelry.

Ethically Responsible Heirloom Jewelry

Jabel also has a long standing tradition of being an ethically responsible company. First, Jabel seeks out relationships with conflict-free Kimberley Process compliant diamond dealers. Second, gemstones are acquired through David’s carefully curated network of color stone dealers, with whom he has spent decades cultivating selective partnerships. Lastly, Jabel jewelry is not designed to be dispensable—it is meant to last for generations. Your carbon footprint is greatly reduced when you choose a piece of jewelry that is engineered to last.

Tomorrow’s heirlooms begin today when you select a beautiful piece of vintage jewelry from Jabel. Likewise, making a commitment to ethical practices today will build a better world for generations to follow. Trust in Jabel jewelry’s time-tested techniques and celebrate the beauty of our die struck engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry for generations to come.