Jabel Collection

by David Connolly
detail shot of complex gold jewelry
What is the JABEL collection?

Quality without Compromise

Jabel is a collection of heirloom quality jewelry designs that have been exquisitely crafted for over 100 years. The motto has always been ‘Quality without Compromise’.

The Jabel method is the perfect marriage of American ingenuity and art.

Meticulously engineered tools and dies produce exceptionally strong jewelry that is then adorned with old-world craftsmanship including hand engraving and rolled vintage patterns. Designs are often set with brilliant diamonds and richly colored gemstones.

While Jabel is most known for its breathtaking bridal collection of engagement rings and wedding bands, the full line includes luxurious bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and rings.

Featured Pieces

Bridal Collection

Crafted in gold and set with brilliant diamonds, David’s bridal collections will forever mark this special moment in life.

Available in Stores

Our heirloom jewelry available in stores

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