Wedding Bands

An heirloom quality wedding band from our collection is more than a ring, it is an enduring symbol of your love and dedication.
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Wedding Bands

David Connolly and Jabel offer a beautiful collection of wedding bands perfect for your big day. Choose from our wide array of ring designs, including simple gold bands, ornate vintage diamond rings, sleek modern wedding bands, and timeless diamond wedding bands. Furthermore, our collection also offers straight bands, curved wedding bands, matching wedding bands, and couples rings, for a truly unique and personalized look. The durable, heirloom quality wedding bands available in both the David Connolly and Jabel collections ensure your wedding ring lasts for generations to come.

Stackable Wedding Rings

Stackable designs have taken the jewelry world by storm, making quite an impact on bridal jewelry trends. Selecting stackable rings as your wedding band has many benefits, apart from being a trendy and stylish look. First, adding extra rings—in the ring guard style—helps protect your engagement ring band from bumps and nicks that may occur during everyday wear and tear. Second, it makes anniversary, birthday, and milestone gifts easier, as you can add new rings to your wedding set that incorporate a special meaning. Third, this trend offers the perfect luxe look. The indulgence of multiple gold and diamond bands is a posh and luxurious way to increase the opulence of your collection. Our current stackable diamond ring collection is available in an array of stylings, including vintage diamond rings, gemstone and diamond bands set with precious stones, floral wedding rings, modern rings, classic stackable diamond bands, and more. 

When discussing stackable wedding rings, it is important to consider ring guards. Ring guards are a pair of gold bands, with or without stones, that frame the engagement ring. For brides that do not plan to wear their high set engagement ring on a daily basis, ring guards can frame a wedding band to give it a more opulent look.

Floral Wedding RIngs

Within the Jabel collection of die struck jewelry, we have an exquisite selection of floral bridal jewelry. These romantic pink and green rose gold rose wedding bands and engagement rings are die struck and hand engraved to give you superior quality and detail. The process begins with carefully alloyed metals, which are blended for exceptional color and consistency—as well as unsurpassed strength and malleability. After the metal is cooled into gold bars, it carefully moves through a series of heating and rolling cycles to gently thin the bars into sheets of gold with a specific depth. Next, the gold sheet moves through a series of press operations in which the gold is cut and struck with immense pressure, compressing the gold into a heavier, denser metal that takes the shape of the die. In our carved collection, the roses and leaves are individually die struck and hand assembled by our team of craftspeople. The newly formed piece of jewelry is then restruck to seal solder points and strengthen the design. Finally, our skilled artisans hand engrave details to add a vibrant, life-like feel to the design.

Need assistance finding the perfect engagement ring? We’ve compiled some common question to help you select what works best for you.  

Should I buy a straight or curved wedding band?

Wedding bands that gently curve around the silhouette of your engagement ring offer a harmonious look. Stylistically, curved wedding bands offer a sleek look, with the band tightly fitted against the engagement ring. If you are a jewelry wearer and plan to wear your engagement ring everyday, this is a great look for you.  

However, if you do not plan on wearing your engagement ring everyday, then this may not be the look for you, as the wedding band will have nothing to curve around. One of the most common reasons people do not wear their engagement ring everyday is they work in an industry that is not conducive to daily wear. In particular, engagement rings tend to have their diamond perched atop the band; the elevation makes them more prone to bumps, bangs, abrasions, and knicks. If you work with children or in any other active job, like fitness and manufacturing, saving your engagement ring for evenings, weekends, and holidays is a better idea. Instead of a curved wedding band, a gorgeous straight wedding band makes a better selection. These bands look great both with and without a matching engagement ring, and the lower profile makes them better for daily wear and tear. Our straight wedding bands include channel set diamond bands, all gold bands, and more. We have many beautiful straight wedding rings to choose from in both the David Connolly and Jabel collection.  

What are couples rings?

Couples rings are matching wedding bands that can be worn by any gender. These universal wedding bands appeal to a wide range of couples getting married. Our couples rings include a range of styles, from simple gold comfort fit bands to diamond and two tone gold bands, which allow for a greater range of stylistic offerings.  

Couples rings also hold special meaning as pieces of symbolic jewelry. For couples that want the symbolism of their union represented in the rings that signify their marriage, selecting rings that look alike provides an extra level of symbolic meaning. It is important to stress that couples rings do not have to be identical; they simply offer universal appeal and a prominent detail that is evident in both rings.

Should I buy a matching wedding band?

A matching wedding band is a two fold decision: do you select a wedding band that matches your engagement ring, or do you select a wedding band that matches your spouse’s ring, like a couples ring?  

First, though some people prefer to match, it is not necessary to select a matching wedding band for your engagement ring. However, matching wedding bands are certainly beautiful and offer an elegant look. When it comes to shopping for a wedding band, follow your heart, be true to your unique style, and enjoy whatever wedding band style you want.

Second, matching wedding bands with your spouse is a romantic gesture. The symbolism and romance of matching wedding bands is undeniable. If you can find one or two design elements that you want to share between the two bands, you can explore a variety of rings that fall within the realm of “matching wedding bands” and find the perfect couples rings for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. However, if you and your spouse have very different styles, then the added stress of finding matching wedding bands may not be worth the hassle.

Can I add gemstones to my wedding band?

Gemstone wedding bands are here—and they are certainly in stye! Adding colored stones, particularly precious stones, not only adds a splash of color to your wedding set but can offer an array of symbolic meanings. Selecting the birthstone associated with milestones months in your relationship, such as when you first met or your wedding month, incorporates a unique and symbolic story to your wedding band. If you have a color theme for your wedding, such as sapphire blue, then adding sapphires to your wedding band will always bring back fond memories of the special day. One of the many great reason to select a David Connolly or Jabel wedding band is that our wedding bands are available in either all diamond or alternating precious stones designs. With these options, you can explore what makes you happy and be confident in your decision.  

Can I wear different metal colors in my wedding set?

Yes, you can absolutely wear multiple gold colors in your wedding set! Stackable wedding bands are very popular, especially when one ring style is worn in three different colors, including yellow, white, and rose gold. Mixing and matching different wedding band styles is also very posh, especially when worn in different metal colors. However, if this look isn’t for you, then follow your heart to find what looks and feels true to your unique style. When it comes to the perfect wedding band, making sure it expresses your personality and style is key.