Symbolic Jewelry: Inspirational Jewelry

Symbols represent ideas of significant importance. and jewelry is beautiful and makes us feel good! Let's discuss inspirational jewelry designs including stars, compasses, starfish, and more! Let's delve into the role symbols have taken throughout history and how they are used in today’s culture.

Symbolic Jewelry: Inspirational Jewelry

Symbols represent ideas of significant importance. Jewelry embodies that which we find most beautiful. Together symbolic jewelry acknowledges one’s dreams, inspirations, and journey in an elegant and romantic way.  

In this blog we will discuss some of the most inspirational jewelry designs in our collection. We will delve into the role symbols have taken throughout history. Finally, we will explore how these symbols are used in today’s culture.  

It is important to remember that symbols are highly personal. While the following are the most common meanings, your symbolic jewelry should represent your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and inspirations! Always let your heart be your guide.

Compass Jewelry

Compass jewelry has risen in popularity due to the array of meanings it holds. It’s an example of symbolic jewelry with broad appeal. Regardless of the meaning people expect it to have, it is most important that you connect to it in your own way.

First, anyone passionate about sailing or boating will likely find meaning in the function of a compass. A compass is an important tool to navigate a vessel in open water. It is an iconic maritime symbol. Therefor it is a fitting piece of jewelry for anyone who loves being on the water.

However, many people find profound meaning in the function of a compass as a tool to help find your way. When young people move away for the first time, this can be a symbol of home. When someone is going through a turbulent time in their life, this can be symbol of hope. It is ultimately a symbol of life’s journey.  

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Lotus Jewelry

It's undeniable that a lotus is beautiful and makes a for lovely piece of flower jewelry. However, the lotus has deep spiritual meaning too! A lotus is a flower that grows out of muck into a pristine and radiant flower. It is all too often that people find themselves struggling though harsh times in their life, struggling for their chance to blossom.  

This is a symbolic piece of jewelry that tells us, like a lotus, rebirth is possible. It reminds us that strength and determination will see us through. And, there is hope that YOU can move past the worse times in your life to experience a beautiful tomorrow.

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Starfish Jewelry

The legend of the starfish has found its place modern cultures, particularly in the hearts of teachers, nurses, and first responders. It reminds us that the only way we can make a difference in this world is by helping one person at a time.

The legend tells us that a man was walking along the beach and came across thousands of starfish that had washed ashore. He noticed a little girl throwing them back in, one at a time. He asked her "Why are you doing this? Look at this beach! You can’t save all of them. You can’t begin to make a difference?" The girl thought for a moment and answered the man. She said "I made a difference for that one!” Wearing the starfish reminds us that even though life can be overwhelming, change starts with one single action.

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Snowflake Jewelry

Did you assume a snowflake symbolizes winter? You are correct, but there is so much more to this dynamic symbol. Exploring the various meanings and interpretations opens up a new realm of meaning and possibilities.

First off, yes, a snowflake can represent winter. This includes everything from winter’s sports, activities, and holidays to simply loving the beauty of snow. It is a season full of spectacular views and adventurous activities.  

However, snowflakes have a more abstract meaning. Just like a snowflake, no two people are alike. You are special and unique! Snowflakes embody that meaning by symbolizing the quality of being unique, authentic, and an individual.  

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Star Jewelry

There are endless meanings to the star symbol! These include guidance, hope, faith, inspiration, wonder, and magic to name a few. This is truly and inspiring piece of jewelry!

Stars have played a significant role in history. Early agrarian societies used shifting star patterns to know when to plant and harvest crops. Ancient mariners used the stars to navigate in open water. The Giza` plateau’s great and mighty ancient pyramids are laid out to match the star orientation in Orion’s belt. Interestingly, it wasn’t until the 2nd Century AD that the Greek astronomer, Claudius Ptolemy, finally documented with names these intricate star patterns which humans had been observing for millennia.

The star is also a religious symbol. It is the Star of David that represents the Jewish faith. In Christianity, it is a star that guided the shepherds to baby Jesus. In Pagan faiths, a 5-pointed star represents the 5 Elements: Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Spirit.

In pop culture we associate a star with fame. We say a lead actor/actress has a ‘starring role’. The Hollywood Walk of Fame honors actresses/actors by placing their name in a ‘star’ on the sidewalk. Even famous movies, like “A Star is Born” use a star to denote a successful career in acting.

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