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sapphire wedding band

The wedding industry has seen a dramatic shift from traditional to non-traditional on everything from venues to floral arrangements. However, one of the biggest shifts has occurred among wedding band trends. Long gone are the days where everything needs to match and individuality is frowned upon. Today, being unique is in! From pairing two wedding bands with a single engagement ring to embracing colored stones, there is truly something for everyone. Here are some looks, trends, and creative wedding band ideas to inspire 2018 brides everywhere:

2018 Wedding Band Trends #1: Colored Stone Wedding Bands

Today's bride was an impressionable youth during the 2000's housing bubble and, consequently, it's collapse; making her a financially savvy shopper that has a strong sense of value. This new bride also has a passion for sustainability and ethical business practices. It is for these very reasons why there is a growing shift away from diamond (or at least all diamond) wedding bands toward gemstone wedding bands. It's also helpful that gemstones are beautiful!Tip: Wedding bands made with recycled gold shows an appreciation for sustainability.

Examples of Gemstone Wedding Bands

(Includes David Connolly, Inc. Wedding Bands)
Emerald Wedding Band
sapphire wedding band

2018 Wedding Band Trends #2: Mixed Metal Wedding Sets

Throughout the decade we have seen a rising trend in colored metals, especially yellow and rose gold. What's more, colored metals pair beautifully with platinum and white gold. The result is a beautiful new mixed metal trend! Here are some examples from both Jabel, and our sister company, David Connolly, that show the same wedding bands in multiple colors.

2018 Wedding Band Trends #3: Mix Matched Wedding Sets

Traditional is over! Therefore, brides are no longer limited by past expectations where the wedding band and the engagement ring have to match exactly. Rather, brides are are wearing whatever wedding band they want. That being said, and in honor of empowerment, if a matching set is what she prefers, than that is her choice, and that is the type of ring she should shop for. After all, this new direction is all about freedom. Now, if you are not sure if your wedding band should or shouldn't match, I hope you will take a moment to look at the following example. This is the same wedding band paired with a matching engagement ring, as well as a non-matching engagement ring.

2018 Wedding Band Trends #4: Redefining His and Hers Wedding Bands

Another shift from traditional bridal customs concerns matching wedding bands. Couples are no longer limited to the constraints of having to select matching wedding bands. However, there is an old fashion romantic character to them which many couples are still drawn too. If you are torn on whether to match or not match, I suggest finding wedding bands that share one or two characteristics. Some examples of wedding band characteristics you can match are:

  • Matching Metals
  • Matching Gemstones
  • Matching Engravings
  • Matching Design Elements

Here are some lovely matching wedding bands that are similar, while still looking different enough to capture each person's independent spirit:

2018 Wedding Band Trends #5: Two Wedding Bands

The final trend I would like to discuss is brides wearing two wedding bands. This is a very luxurious look and has taken form in a number of different ways. These include:

  • Stackable Wedding Bands
  • Two Contrasting Wedding Bands
  • Ring Guards

Stackable Wedding BandsStackable wedding bands made their way to the bridal world via fashion jewelry trends, where multiple bands nestle against one another on the same finger. While this trend continues in both the fashion and bridal world, stackables for bridal tend to be more ornate featuring engraved patterns, diamonds, or gemstones. Here are some examples of straight gold bands that are perfect for stacking:

Two Contrasting Wedding BandsYears back, we saw bride Kimiko embrace the trend with a chic play on metal color, diamond shape, and texture. Since then, many brides have fallen in love with this look and enjoyed creating their own special set of contrasting wedding bands. Here is Kimiko's wedding set:

Ring GuardsNot only do ring guards frame the engagement ring beautifully, adding symmetry and balance, but they also help protect the engagement ring's band from getting bumped and banged. Here are some examples:

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