Joe Connolly

Production and Office Manager
Joe Connolly

Meet Joe Connolly!

Joe had always aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps. Like his sister, Liza, his love of the industry began early. As a child, Joe was a frequent visitor in the old Marbledale, Connecticut headquarters. He was keen to peek over one’s shoulder, studying the craft of matching gemstones or learning about jewelry making, asking questions as his curiosity piqued.

His commitment to the family business grew as a teenager. He looked forward to spending his Berkshire School breaks (Class of 2012) working side-by-side with his father. From attending tradeshows to traveling around the country for in-store visits, he gained experience as a teenager listening to the needs of independent jewelers, and learning how his father would fulfill those needs.

In 2016, Joe graduated from Bentley University. Rather than immediately joining the family business, he chose to pursue internships in both Human Resources and Product Management. These opportunities provided him with great insight, and also taught him valuable new business strategies that he would eventually bring to the family business.

In July of 2018 Joe joined his mother, father, and sister in the company, taking an active role in the day-to-day operations of production, customer service, and ensuring proper workflow. He also took every opportunity to join his father on sales appointments and trade shows, eventually taking the lead on sales calls in his father’s place. He also began pursuing his GIA degree, just as his father had done. The knowledge learned at GIA, gave him further insight into the jewelry industry and helped him offer a more well-rounded customer experience to the stores he visited.

Today, Joe continues to follow in David’s footsteps, taking on the position of Sales Manager for the Mid-Atlantic territory. He looks forward to connecting with new independent jewelry stores, finding new ways to accommodate their needs, and relaying this to his sister and fellow company staff.