How Is A Jabel Engagement Ring Made?

Jabel Engagement Ring:

Die Struck Jewelry Perfection

~ Our Recipe ~

As with all our die struck jewelry, making our Jabel engagement ring is a labor of love. It is akin to baking; where careful attention to the ingredients, precise timing and temperatures, using the right equipment, skillfully assembling, and decorating with the eye of an artist is crucial. The final product is an heirloom quality work of art that will as lifetime! Let's take a closer look at this die struck process and the Jabel recipe for perfection:

The Ingredients:

Just as in baking, the quality of your integrity is everything! Jabel uses carefully alloyed metals and expertly selected diamond to create our brilliant jewelry. This ensures longevity and maximum beauty.Jabel's Metal AlloysThe die striking process requires meticulous attention to the metals used in our Jabel engagement ring collection and all the exquisite jewelry we produce. This ensures the gold and platinum will not only be malleable enough to withstand the die striking process, but will eliminate any impurities and porosity issues that could affect the structural integrity of our jewelry. It also ensures our whites are bright and clean, and our yellow and rose colors are rich and lustrous.Jabel's DiamondsJabel carries on the tradition of keeping an expert diamond buyer on staff to hand selects every diamond used in our jewelry. Regardless of the size, every diamond must meet Jabel's strict quality requirements for color, cut, and clarity. The diamonds are selected based on three internal grades; U4, U6, and U9. Depending on the design and the needs of each customer, a different diamond grade will be required.

Timing And Temperature

Jabel's motto was once "Roll and Strike". Missing from this motto is heat and timing; which is crucial in the early die striking process. When the metal comes out of alloying, it must be rolled like pasta into a sheet with the desired thickness for the piece that is being die struck. To keep the metal pliable during the rolling process, heat is repeatedly applied. Waiting too long between heating and rolling can affect the metals malleability. Timing and temperature are vital.

The Right Equipment

Jabel's antique machinery is part of the secret to our success! These vintage machines may be dinosaurs, but there is nothing better for making old world quality jewelry and our famous Jabel engagement ring collection! Using vintage screw presses, kick presses, and turning machines, new Jabel jewelry is made using the same well maintained machinery as generations before.

drill press die struck jewelry

Jabel's machinery creates such precise pieces that during WWII it is said that part of Jabel's jewelry production was ceased to help the US government make bomb scopes. Today, with that same passion for precision, every die struck engagement ring is stuck in pieces to create an heirloom quality masterpiece.

how is a die struck ring made

In addition to the machinery, a vast library of steel dies is required to make every style. A single style may require several dies, trim tools, etc. to turn a sheet of precious metal into a three dimensional part that Jabel's jewelers will later assemble. The tools and dies are split into two categories: master dies and working dies. The master dies are never used in the presses, rather they are the templates used to recreate all working dies. This guarantees that the jewelry made 50+ years ago is identical to the pieces being made today.

set of die struck jewelry tools, dies, trimmers

Assembling The Layers

Jewelers love working on Jabel. Not only do the pieces fit together perfectly, but the density of the metal allows them to create notably stronger final pieces. From a simple solitaire made of a shank and head, to complex designs with multiple pieces and findings, such as the pink and green gold carved collection, every piece is given the same attention to detail. Just another reason to love our Jabel engagement ring collection.

how to hand engrave jewelry

Decorating The Finished Piece

While a number of Jabel's top selling styles have unadorned clean lines and smooth mirror-like finishes, Jabel's collection of vintage style designs require the touch of an artist. These artisans hand apply a variety of engraved details to create true works of art. The artists engrave a variety of patterns using rudimentary hand tools, a simple swivel block mount, and their keen hand eye coordination. Here are some examples of the Jabel engagement ring collection that have been hand engraved:

vintage style engagement set
hand engraved engagement set
vintage style three stone engagement ring
sapphire engagement rings with engravings

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