Symbolic Jewelry: Christian Jewerly Symbols

Understanding the history, meaning, and interpretation of Christian symbols will help you find the perfect piece of symbolic jewelry for your collection.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a symbol is a picture with meaning. Symbolic jewelry allows us to share our message, passion, and beliefs with the world. It helps us establish a deeper connection to our jewelry. It becomes more than a pretty high-end accessory; it becomes part of our identity.

One of the most popular symbolic jewelry themes is religious jewelry. Our collection offers a unique assortment of both common and uncommon Christian jewelry. Cross jewelry is the most popular design. However, non-traditional designs including geometric shapes, ancient iconography, and symbols adopted by pop culture are also included in the Christian Jewelry Collection. Regardless if you prefer a pendant, earring, or ring, your choice of symbolic jewelry is sure to become a valued piece in your collection.

Understanding the history and interpretations of Christian symbols will help you find the perfect jewelry design. Once you have found the symbol you will be able to connect with your piece on a deeper level and enjoy both its beauty and meaning.

Diamond Trinity Knot Cross


The most common Christian jewelry design is a cross. This desing is based on the iconic ‘crucifix’ design and consists of an upright line segment, intersected with a smaller perpendicular line segment. While crosses are most common as pendants and necklaces, they can also adorn earrings and rings.

Did you know that there are different types of crosses, each with its own meaning and history? Long story short, on July 16, 1054 the Great Schism occurred within the Christian church and the Roman Catholic church split from the Orthodox church. Ideologically the two churches have a very different approach to faith. The Orthodox Church focused on the concept of eternity, with God’s eternal promise. This made circles an ideal symbol because they are also infinite symbols, with no beginning or ending. This is why we see so many circles in Early Orthodox churches and art.

However, the Roman Catholic church was rooted in the Passion of Christ, and the iconography of Christ on the cross. The Catholic church took the shape of the cross on which Jesus died and began applying it to art, clothing, architecture, and all aspects of symbolic Christian design. They believed so much in the symbolism of the design that early Gothic and Renaissance churches have an overall footprint in the shape of a crucifix. It is this shape that has evolved into the popular cross shaped jewelry that we commonly associate with pendants and necklaces.

Triquetra Gold Band


The Triquetra is a profound symbol that has been adopted by many cultures and faiths throughout history. While it existed long before Christianity, the 3 sided design was ideal to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Therefore, it was adopted into Christian’s jewelry and art. Triquetra jewelry is very common in Irish collections adoring rings, pendants, and earrings.  It is also referred to as a Trinity Knot.

Diamond Triangle Necklace


There are a multitude of meanings for the triangle. Some of these meanings include the sacred number three, the sacred feminine, design principles of Feng Shui, and even modern cultural signs and symbols. The list is never ending! When it comes to Christian symbolism, a triangle represents the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Triangle jewelry can be simple or adorned in diamonds. Regardless of the ornamentation, triangle jewelry is truly symbolic.  

Diamond Circle Necklace


A circle is an iconic geometric shape that has held several meanings throughout history. For Christians, the infinite nature of a circle, having no beginning or end, is prime for representing God’s promise to his people. It is so profound that we see symbolic circles in early Orthodox Christian church architecture. Today, circle jewelry is worn as a subtle nod to Christian symbolism.

Diamond Quatrefoil Pendant


A Quatrefoil looks like a four-leaf clover.  It is a popular decorative element often used in Gothic and Renaissance Christian architecture and art. As a Christian symbol, this cross represents the Four Evangelists, Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John by having four points of equal length. While we most commonly see Quatrefoils in architecture, it has seen a rise in popularity in symbolic jewelry.

Textured Gold Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

An Irish cross is known by many names including Celtic Cross, Cross of Iona, and MacLean’s Cross. The cross features a traditional elongated cross with a nimbus encircling the intersection. The addition of a nimbus adds another layer of meaning to the symbol. A nimbus can represent God’s eternal promise or the radiant halo often depicted by enlightened followers. It is no wonder these two symbols pair so well together and have found their way to symbolic Christian jewelry.

Diamond Christmas Star Pendant


Unless it’s Christmas, the symbol of a star is often overlooked as a Christian symbol. While it does hold an array of meetings, as a Christian symbol it represents the star that guided the shepherds to baby Jesus. It is that faith and guidance that draws people to wear a star as a symbol for hope in the Christian faith. Aesthetically, it makes for a bold and beautiful jewelry design.

Diamond Infinity Ring

Infinity Symbol

To Christians, God’s eternity and promise of everlasting life is an important concept. It is no wonder that the infinity symbol, which has no beginning or ending, has become associated with this concept. It’s easy to find a beautiful piece of Infinity jewelry as it surged in popularity in the mid 2010’s. Today, it remains a beautiful, bold, and profound example of symbolic Christian jewelry.

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