Top 5 Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings

classic solitaire

Not only are classic solitaire settings beautiful, but they are invulnerable to shifts it fashion and trends; a ring from 25 years ago will look just as fashionable and relative today. Plus, you can put any shape or size diamond in a setting, making them a great universal setting. It's design is so iconic, it is the emoji used to represent all engagement rings.Now, just because the design may look simple, does not mean that it is simple. There are a number of subtle variants that go into creating different visual effects. Little differences in the shank, shoulders, and gallery can give the ring a very different look and feel. To illustrate these differences, let's look at these top 5 selling Jabel die struck classic solitaire settings to see some of these differences:

Top Jabel Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings #1:

Style #3161

This is Jabel's #1 selling die struck solitaire, engagement ring, and on the longest running top sellers in the company's history. This classic solitaire is more than just a plain band set with a single stone. The shoulders, or the portion of the band to the immediate left and right of the center stone, gradually widens as the band approaches the stone, but pinches in quickly before reaching the center stone. This style of shoulder is referred to as 'gooseneck' design. It helps pull the eye into the stone, emphasizing the diamond. Likewise, the setting also has a slightly rounded shank, giving the ring a smooth and sensual feel. Finally, this solitaire does not have an open shoulders, giving it a solid look and feel; a very luxurious aesthetic.

Top Jabel Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings #2:

Style #2985

One of most understated die struck engagement ring settings in the Jabel collection is this simple classic solitaire. Unlike Style 3161, this setting is much more straight forward. The design has a simple rounded band, that is very easy to pair with matching wedding bands, and closed gallery, giving it a similar solid feeling as we saw in Style #3161.

classic solitaire with straight band
classic solitaire with straight band

Top Jabel Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings #3:

Style #3984

This dramatic Jabel die struck engagement ring is most noted for it's knife edge. A knife edge is the pronounced ridge that runs through the middle of the band. It ends in a arrow shaped shoulder pulling your eye into the stone. Likewise, it has open shoulders, adding drama to the height of the setting and giving it a very powerful look.

classic solitaire with edge

Top Jabel Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings #4:

Style #3900

This simple Jabel die struck solitaire is both simple and sexy. It has a sturdy band with softly rounded edges, and a gentle curvature up toward the setting. Also, the open shoulders giving it height and drama. This is a great solitaire for a bride that want's a heavier looking setting without having it feel bulky.

straight classic solitaire
straight classic solitaire

Top Jabel Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings #5:

Style #4393

The final Jabel top 5 classic solitaire is this high drama die struck setting. This ring's dramatically pinched shoulders narrow quickly as the band approaches the center stone. With this rings' dramatic narrowing, it has closed shoulder's to reinforce the band, making what looks like a delicate ring, extremely solid.

narrow classic solitaire

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